Why do you have a FAQs page?


As they say, people judge you more on the questions that you ask than the statements that you make. I thought a FAQs page full of questions that I ask myself or others would give you a chance to get to know me better.


I love questions! Shoot me one via 'contact'.


What's in a name?


Though I'm Korean, my name is actually Hebrew. It's found in the opening sentence of Genesis in the Bible. "In the beginning, God created..." "Bara" means, "to create from nothing". I strive to do this in every area of my life by investing soul, heart, and elbow-grease into all that I do.


Why are you interested in public relations?


I have a heart for the masses and people are my passion


I think each person has the incredible power to do something great.


What if we had not one person but people all around the world, working together? We would be able to achieve something not just great, but greater!


Public relations (PR) has the power to bring many different people from around the globe together. Through PR, it is possible to communicate ideas and messages to inspire people and drive meaningful change, motivating people to do what is best for each other and the world.


Through public relations, I hope to bring people of all nations together, to have them tap into their own potential, and bring forth incredible change.


What are your strengths?


According to the Clifton StrengthsFinder, my strengths are: (a) Strategic, (b) Relator, (c) Belief, (d) Activator, and (e) Connectedness.




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What is your dream?


My dream is to create creative campaigns to fight social injustices around the world.


Many may say these systematically oppressive injustices are too great a feat.

They often seem like mountains - insurmountable.


But, I beg to differ.


My dream is to move mountains! And it doesn't stop there.


My dream is not only to move mountains but, to move the hearts of millions.


Through public relations, we can spread awareness and inspire behavior change.

Together, I believe there is no mountain we cannot overcome.


Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?


In 20 years, I hope to join the public relations team at the United Nations, planning strategic communication campaigns that inspire and move communities to help vulnerable peoples around the world - from developing and developed countries alike.