2016 Elections

When I walked past this metro ad, I couldn't help but stop and laugh. It's just so hilarious, isn't it? Oh, why, thank you, metro ad! For telling me something I thought was common knowledge but... how terribly sad that America's vote and the world do not reflect this.

A metro ad just told me I deserve to be treated with respect while majority of America's vote just told me I can take that little thought, learn to embroider that onto a lovely piece of fabric and toss it into the trash because it's worth crap. I didn't expect myself to respond this way either but man, this election really woke me up to see to what extent sexism is alive and thriving.

I physically feel uncomfortable riding the metro imagining a train half filled with people that would choose to elect an unqualified baboon into office over an overqualified woman. You voted for the policies he represents? Okay. Along with all the values he embodies as well.

This election was like a litmus paper and hey, guess what? Our present state: we are most definitely toxic.

So the question everyone is asking is, "now what?"

For starters, brothers, please go and affirm a sister's worth because there are attacks on her self-worth coming from a thousand different directions and then some.

#morningcommute #rant #feminism #feminist

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